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UK and German Bespoke Kitchens in Cobham
The Most Popular Kitchen Layouts - Which One Will Suit You Best? 

There is a range of kitchen layouts to suit all floorplans and open spaces, not forgetting the compact kitchen in a box which is so popular with studio apartments and unique living environments. At Wooden Heart of Weybridge, however, our kitchen suppliers and installers don’t just provide a standard kitchen; we offer a range of bespoke kitchens which are tailor-made to your specific requirements, making each design completely unique. 

Widely recognised for our German kitchens, Rotpunkt installations, and Spanish kitchen worktops, we’re a name you can trust for layouts, fixtures and fittings in Cobham and the surrounding areas we cover throughout Surrey. 

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Common Kitchen Layouts to Suit all Properties

From compact units to sprawling estates, there’s a kitchen layout which will work seamlessly. Here we discuss the most well-known styles:

L-Shaped Kitchens

At first glance you may not think this layout will work but our bespoke kitchens provide endless opportunities in even the tightest of spaces. Our kitchen suppliers at Wooden Heart of Weybridge suggest making the most of the single corner by adding clever storage solutions, such as pull-out baskets, or pantries with floor-to-ceiling shelving and marble kitchen worktops for cool storage.

L-shaped kitchens also provide our Cobham clients with specific areas for appliances and preparation, as well as providing space for a dining table or freestanding cabinetry. 


Creating a long workspace with two rows of cabinetry, the galley is widely used in open-plan kitchens with one side containing all the wall units and shelving whilst the other doubles as a kitchen island and breakfast bar. With no corner units in place, storage is offered at maximum capacity which is a bonus for smaller rooms. 

The work triangle can work well in a galley with either the sink or cooking facility at the top of the ideal layout, and the other components positioned evenly on either side. 

One Wall (Half Galley) Kitchens

With everything you need spread across a single wall, you may think these would be quite limited in space and functionality but, with the right design, they can work just as well. Extending the wall cabinets right up to the ceiling will offer additional storage, and spacing out the cleaning, cooking and storage areas will create an alternative version of the work triangle.

Handleless doors and drawer fronts will also make the area appear more spacious, as will smooth-panelled cabinetry.

Island Kitchens

Maximise your Cobham interior with a bespoke German kitchen – such as our renowned Rotpunkt kitchens – which offer a myriad of storage solutions, intelligent design, and exquisite cabinetry. Having an island installed allows our kitchen suppliers and installers to showcase our beautiful kitchen worktops which will complement any interior décor. 

Depending on their size, kitchen islands can host breakfast bars, food storage and preparation areas, cooking surfaces, and cleaning areas. 

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