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Rotpunkt German Kitchens in Weybridge
The Kitchen Work Triangle Explained

Wooden Heart of Weybridge is an established business in Surrey which specialises in the supply and installation of high-end bespoke kitchens. German-made, our range of Rotpunkt kitchens is widely recognised as a leading brand for clients who favour both style and functionality. Completed with Cosentino worktops, our designs stand out as both fashionable and timeless as you can see from the selection of installations included on our Previous Projects page.

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing kitchen or have an original design fitted in your new home, then contact our kitchen suppliers today or call into our Weybridge showroom. 

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The Work Triangle and How It Can Benefit You and Your Kitchen

Have you heard of it? Not many have, yet it’s a vital design which can save you time and effort. Simply put, the work triangle positions the most important aspects of any kitchen – cleaning, food storage and food preparation – in a particular layout in order to maximise efficiency. 

The theory was put forward in the 1920s with exact measurements provided. For example, each leg of the triangle should be between 1.2m and 2.7m in length, with the maximum space measuring 7.9m overall. With kitchens today available in all shapes and sizes, however, and depending on the size of the area, these may not be relevant to all properties, but the theory remains the same. 

At Wooden Heart of Weybridge we work closely with our clients to make sure the bespoke layout we suggest will work. As suppliers of Rotpunkt German kitchens and Spanish kitchen worktops, our name is synonymous with elegance as well as practicality as we incorporate this ingenious method.

The main rules of the work triangle also include the following:

Other important aspects of the perfect kitchen include:

There are more specific guidelines relating to measurements which we’ll happily discuss with you during our initial consultations and planning stages. 

For bespoke kitchen suppliers in Surrey, Wooden Heart of Weybridge is the company to choose thanks to our professionalism, attention to detail, long-standing expertise, and customer service. If you’re looking for German kitchens, such as the Rotpunkt range, with complementary kitchen worktops, then call us today.

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